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BITING - (OCEAN RECORDS Label) released 1997


1. Tell Me Why 7. Go Have Some Fun
2. Never Knew You 8. Pace and Jangle
3. Matter of Deduction 9. Crazy Girl
4. Self Survival 10. Staring Blind
5. Nothing Ever Happens 11. My Tears Are Bleeding
6. Let No Dreams Go By  



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Jeanettes' debut solo album 'Biting' was released in 1997 after she signed a recording contract with independent label Ocean Records. This came about when she was discovered busking on the London Underground by James Fletcher - a representative of Ocean Records. Produced by Geoff Stanton and Paul Stroud, the album contains 11 original tracks written by Jeanette... [select 'production' link]

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Local news programme on ITV,
March 11, 1998

Spent the afternoon filming Jeanette on the the London Underground and also at CTS Studios, with a film crew. They ran the piece on daytime and evening shows a couple of days later. Story base line - 'How Jeanette met Ocean Records'.

list of television appearances
Ulster Television
The Kelly Show - LIVE with other guest performers including Conner Reeves.
UK Living
live performance
5's Company Channel 5
Live performance - other guests included Peter Ustinov
Showbiz UK
Granada Satellite - Live performance
Big Issue - Tina Jackson  
Voice Magazine  
Irish Post  
BBC Radio 2 PLAYLIST B week 7, 8, 9 and 10.
BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour interview with Jenny Murray
GLR - Johnny Walker Show interview + tracks from the album 'Biting'
IRN (independent radio network) interview syndicated to 120+ radio stations
BBC World Service interview & live performance
BBC Radio Northampton interview with Nigel Vernon-Dier
BBC Radio Kent interview with Pat Marsh
Greater London Radio (GLR) interview with Olga Buckley
Radio Solent interview with Linda Wright
BBC Radio Kent, Thames Valley FM, Southern Counties. interview with Linda Wright
BBC Radio Cambridge interview with Dan Chisholm
Moray Firth  interview with Ray Atkinson
BBC Radio Newcastle  interview with Julia Hankin
BBC Radio Lincolnshire interview with Melvyn Prior
BBC Radio Norfolk  interview with Andy & Alison
BBC Radio Ulster, Ireland interview
BBC Radio Scotland interview on 'Soundcheck' programme
2-CR Bournemouth interview on Live and Dangerous
BBC Radio Bristol interview on Keith Warmington's Drivetime Show
Lantern FM (Devon) interview with Alan Dunn* - denotes live singing by Jeanette

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'Biting' - The Production

In July 1995 Jeanette was introduced to Geoff Stanton who was to become the producer of the album. After discussing what's what and what's not, they agreed on the initial method of recording the Album. CTS Studios was to play host to this particular project as it was big, lushious, flash and had a good rep! and also but not least, the studios were known to have accommodated a host of renouned artists and film music composers. "All the really good people go there"!!

In October of that year Jeanette was introduced to Paul Stroud and John Clarke, both formidable musicians and songwriters and proceeded to go through the selected tracks for the album, topping and tailing and generally finalising the arrangements. The lyrics and melodies, provided by Jeanette, were then individually scored by Geoff Stanton and Paul Stroud. Pre-production of the album commenced at Audio Creations and Salsifis Sound Studios in early December under the superb guidance of Paul Stroud wearing the hat of Musical Director (MD).

The acoustic sessions were recorded over the weekend of 16-17 December 1995 at CTS Studios in Wembley, London. All tracks were recorded onto 24 track analogue tape through the AMS Neve Capricorn Desk in Dolby SR. Emmy Award Winner Dick Lewzy engineered all recordings.

To achieve a live feel on the album, the acoustic and electric guitars, drums and bass were played together in the main room of Studio 2 with guide vocals. The main vocals were then laid down when the rest had sanely gone home to sleep.

Band members:
Geoff Stanton Keyboards
Paul Stroud Acoustic Guitars
John Clark Electric guitar
Phil Mulford Bass and upright Bass
Geoff Dunn Drums

In the months following the completion of the acoustics, we set about post-production. From this point on, all additional work was recorded onto the Apple Mac computers. John Clark added some guitar lines at Salsifis Sound. Geoff Stanton, Paul Stroud and Munch Moore added piano lines. Percussion was played live, and sequenced. Tim Falker added the alto saxophone to 'Staring Blind' and 'Self Survival'. Using the array of synthesisers available we added a variety of pads, chords and individual sounds which appear throughout the recording.

In late 1996 we returned to Studio 2 for the final mix of all the tracks. Over 4 days of studio time, 11 tracks were completed and mixed down from the 24tk and the Mac onto DAT. The mastering was completed at CTS Digital Edit using Sonic Solutions on the Apple Mac system.



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