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SUGAR AND SPICE - Released 2005


1. I.L.U (I love you) 6. Bold
2. Heaven 7. Stop the Parody
3. All In Your Hands 8. How I See It
4. Stay 9. Dangerous
5. Fooling Yourself 10. Just Say Goodbye


Nominated as best demo by music magazine 'Sound on Sound'.


Album available for download now!



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Featuring 10 unique songs written by Jeanette Murphy, this album was recorded at CLOSE STUDIO (CSR) with the exception of 3 remixed tracks originally recorded at Swimming Pool Studios, London in collaboration with engineer, producer and musician Jerry Moody. The final album was produced and mixed by Steve Rispin and released in 2005. [More details]


Steve Rispin Bass, Keyboard and Percussion
Kevin Keane

Acoustic Guitar on 'Stop the parody'

Steve Gee - Landmarq

Bass on 'Just say goodbye'

Gregg McKella

Clarinet on 'Just say goodbye'

Jerry Moody

Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and percussions on tracks ' How I see It' and 'Dangerous', plus sequence program on track 'I Love You'.

Wayne Collyer Bhodran, Percussion, Cymbals on 'Heaven'. Drum tech on 'Hands' and 'Just Say Goodbye'.
The Unknown GUITARIST Played acoustic lead on 'How I see It' recorded at Swimming Pools Studio. Frustratingly Jeanette didn't manage to find out who had played the additional acoustic guitar, as apparently they wished to remain anonomous! Well done, whoever you are...
Jeanette Murphy Acoustic guitar, vocals, midi synth & keyboards, percussion,
cd image sleeve
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Sugar & Spice' - The Production

I'd like to say a big, big, even bigger thanks to everyone who injected their enthusiam, time and musical genius onto this album. I'd also like to thank all the people I know including family and close friends, and indeed complete strangers who encouraged me in my musical endeavors and to record this new album.

All the tracks on the 'Sugar and Spice' album were recorded at Close Studio (a private home studio), with the exception of 2 songs:- 'Dangerous' and 'How I See It', which were recorded at Swimming Pool Studios in London with Jerry Moody, a very talented musician and songwriter. Jerry Moody performed most of the instrumentation instrumentation on those tracks, apart from acoustic guitar. They were then remastered at Close Studio by Steve Rispin Production Services.

The track 'I Love You' - also initially recorded at Swimming Pool Studio - was reprogrammed at Close Studio but we kept the wonderful programmed synth track that Jerry had created for the song.


Steve Rispin Producer and Sound Engineer
Jeanette Murphy Recording Engineer & Co. Production.
Jerry Moody Producer and Engineer (How I See and Dangerous)
Tony Wixted Co. Producer on 'Dreams are Mine'.
CD Artwork and Design
Tony Wixted Finished artwork design of album cover sleeve. (A Great Job)
Jeanette Murphy Design of 'D'red Eye' logo and design of cd book layout.

By Sound on Sound (Recording Music Magazine). FEB 2003
Based on 3 tracks submitted prior to album release.
“The opening song on jeanettes’ demo demonstrates that she has a very commercial sound, with a catchy hook played by a Hammond organ.” (track ‘I Love You’) “This serves to catch your interest and draws you into the songs’ main arrangement. All songs are based around the acoustic guitar…”

Sound on Sound Demo Doctor Feb 03 - John Harris


'LIVE' at HALF MOON - Putney
My name is Thomas...we briefly chatted on Monday at the Half Moon Putney after you performed.
I just wanted to tell you that you were amazing and your music really touched my heart.

Thank you Thomas :)


'LIVE' at 12 BAR CLUB - WC1
I just came home from the 12 Bar Club in central London. One of the city's hottest acoustic venues and espied the lesser spotted UK EvORite, Simon Walsh, though alas it wasn't his own gig this time around. He was sat behind a borrowed, stripped down perspex drum kit slappin' the skins in perfect time to a wonderful mutual friend of ours - Ms Jeanette Murphy. A south London superstar of limited virtual presence, but exceptional songwriting talents, though she does have a fabtastic website at http://www.jeanettemurphy.com and a terrific new CD called Sugar & Spice.
Tracy Chapman and Macy Gray should sit back and listen to get some tips from our Jeanette. Also making appearance on clarinet for one song, Greg from 'Dreamfield'

Ciao for now - Jeza












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